Hurt by my soulmate

So being that it's thanksgiving I don't have any friends to talk to at the moment. 
My fiancé has hurt me a lot but I think it's getting worse. We had an argument today because I told him I think I'm ready to be intimate (Had surgery) and he disagree. It didn't make me happy but he got very upset thinking I was bummed. I apologized for that. We went to dinner and he ignored me. Texted him, he ignored me. 
When were alone again he told me to leave him alone. So I started crying and he told me to go elsewhere with my tears. And if I were to stay I should cry silently because it's annoying. 
My friends have told me that his form of silent treatment is abusive. Idk what to do. This is my first relationship and I'm tired of apologizing for my feelings. 
Thanks to anyone with positive vibes