chronic yeast infection with ovulation - anyone else?

I have had chronic yeast infections for so many years now they have become part of life. I notice that even when I'm at my healthiest, around ovulation, pre period and post period are the times I'm most susceptible. I am so sick of taking diflucan and my body is not responding to it much anymore either. I'm  currently seeing an herbalist who has done amazing things for me, but it seems that when I "return" to my "normal" healthy eating habits WHAMMO i get a yeast infection. I eat barely any sugar, barely any wheat/gluten, and almost zero processed foods. Is there anyone out there who has conquered this and can give me hope? I've been to naturopaths, doctors and now my herbalist that I'm working with. Do I have to eat nothing but vegies and lentils for the rest of my life just so I can be  free from this??? 😩