Aniyah Jeanae Chatman born 11/11/2016

Aniyah Jeanae Chatman born 11/11/2016! I was 34+1 when she was delivered via c section. I was diagnosed with preeclampsia at 30 weeks and my condition worsened so for the safety of myself and my daughter my doctor decided to induce me. She is my fourth child and the other three were born vaginally so she was my first c section. I was extremely nervous about having that surgery because i heard the healing process could be rough. They initially tried inducing for vaginal but after 24hrs i had only dialated 2 cm and my blood preassure was through the roof so my doctor said its time to get her out and he suggested a csection. It was a rough journey throughout my entire pregnancy. I was very sick for the first and second trimesters and then in my third trimester o developed preeclampsia and had to have a c section that was pretty rough due to my body not taking well to the anistecia they used so i kind of felt things i shouldn't have. I say all this to say inspite of my pregnancy experience i swear i would do it all over again in a heart beat. She is such a blessing from God and my husband and i are so over joyed with her presence we love her little self so much. I wanna thank everyone who also had Dec 16 delivery dates i swear on days i thought i wouldn't make it through my pregnancy from being deadly sick i would come on here and get so much hope and encouragement from other woman in the same boat as me. I am so grateful for that. This <a href="">glow app</a> has helped in the process of me conceiving my angel as well and i thank you for that i will suggest this app to anyone i know whos trying or actually expecting. God bless you all and your beautiful bundles of joy.