I need to save my sex life

Help. Me. My man and I have been together for 6 years. Our sex used to be super frequent and great! Over the years, I've tired telling him what I want, how I want it, what I like and he just doesn't do it. Lately, it hasn't been very frequent or very good at all. It just seems like he's not into it. I want him to want me and show he wants me. I want him to get passionately aggressive and own me. I just don't see what is happening or why he won't do things, even when he asked what he can do, and I've told him multiple times. I want him to have the confidence in himself to just come after me, show me he wants it. Push me against the wall, grab me rough, kiss me like you desperately want me!! Does anyone have any tips on how to proceed, things to do or try to help the situation?! PLEASE?!