am I in the wrong?

So guys, I've been with my partner nearly a year, we live together and trying for a baby.... well... all he kept doing was begging me for a threesome and wouldn't leave me alone about it... so i set him up, I've had a friend who I've known all my life, and well she's changed but in the worst way she's a drug addict and had her baby taken Away from her 7 weeks premature Due to alcohol and drugs. And it was taken straight off her ( which I'm glad because the baby deserves a loving mother and environment ) well anyway, he wanted this threesome, but I set my friend up to try and catch him out and sleep with her! And for 2 days straight he went to go meet her to try it on with her. He wanted a threesome but yet I wasn't there to attend, he went to go sleep with her then come sleep with me. And waited 3 hours outside her house after she got him to run around for her just to get some! 
Eventually he came back and I snapped and blurred it all out about how I set him up got everything off my chest and I ended him and he swore he wouldn't do it again, wouldn't remotely look at a girl again etc.. baring in mind he left his ex of two years for me! We've recently had a miscarriage and I don't think I can psychically take the stress anymore. What do I do?