labor story

I feel like I had a pretty decent birthing experience... But it wasn't all that great either. I was suppose to be induced on Wednesday November 16 (I wasn't over due my doctor just wanted to induce me) but my little one had other plans. It was Monday November 14 around 2 and I felt a trickle in my pants I just thought I peed on myself again. So I went to the bathroom took a wash off and changed clothes. Then I sat down to watch tv and I felt it again. So I text my momma to come get me because my water had broke. (She thought I had just peed on myself 🙄... Great mom.) She came in 30 minutes and drove me to the hospital which was an 45 minute drive. We signed in at the admission and went up to L&D. They checked to see was my water broken it was. Then I was put on bed rest for the rest of the. They got the IV started then and my antibiotics around 6pm. I was like this until about 4am the nurse came and gave me pitocin. From 6-8 I had very strong contractions back to back and my momma wouldn't let me call the nurse. When the nurse finally came in she called so I could get my epidural. After that I felt nothing I felt great. Then the doctor came in 10minutes and checked me I was 9 cm dilated. So he said he would be back in 30 minutes to check me again. In the 15 minutes I had an urge to push so I called the nurse and she checked me and she felt the baby's head and called the doctor.  So he came in 10 minutes later and he was like okaY lets do this. After 6 pushes my little angel was here 7lbs 3oz November 15 9:11. 
Kaitlyn Imanee Alana