Harper Isaiah-Willis Watson

My son was due 11/20/2016 and was born on in 11/19/2016 at 12:15 pm. He weighted 7 lbs EXACTLY! This has truly been an amazing journey for me! The love I have for his boy is inexplicable!
Labor Story: On 11/17 I began having slight vaginal bleeding (Not sure but think it was he mucus plug) with slight cramping like pains. I was uncertain what contractions would feel like as I did NOT experience Braxton Hicks and I do boy cramp during my menstrual. Went into the hospital after work to be checked and was told my cervix was still not dilated at all and was really high up. So no cause for alarm. Woke up the next morning with the same but increased cramping/pain. I was unable to go to work due to the pain so my fiancé took off as well. Went into the doctors office for an appointment. Told him about what was going on and he. He checked me. Told me I was dilated Zero and barely softened. That night things got ROUGH! The contractions increased in both strength and frequency!! I trusted my body and knew that something was different even though the doctors had told me I was not in lavor. Went into the hospital again to be checked after being in UNBEARABLE pain. The first nurse checked and said I wasn't dilated but she wanted to get a second opinion because my cervix was so high up. Second nurse came in and said "Whoa! You were wrong! She's 5 centimeters already!" Finally they admitted me and I was able to get relief from the pain of experienced for THREE DAYS! The next afternoon God gave me the best gift I've ever received! My one and only son!