I thought this is a platform to support each other. Every baby is unique and different, however they share some similar traits with other babies. Especially some hardships. People come here and share their struggles, looking for people who are going through the same struggle or concern. Then those people come and brag about their babies in these posts. WHY???

I don't understand.

Why do you have to say...

.. you have a 10-12 hour sleeper when a mother opened a post about her baby waking up every 1-2 hours?

.. your baby rolled over at 2.5 months when she's concerned about her 4 mo old not rolling over yet?

.. your baby has been sitting up since 4 mo when the post is asking for babies not sitting up at 5 months?

Like why? You can share your joy and excitement about your baby hitting milestones early on time in posts that asks questions like

- how does your baby sleep?

- what is your routine if your baby sleeps 10h?

- when did your baby reached this milestone?

OR you can open up a post with a picture of your baby sitting up/sleeping through the night/whatever and brag away!

BUT why on earth you come to a struggling mother's post and brag about your baby?? Makes no sense to me.. vent over!