jaundice & liver failure in my 8 week old!

cerys • 🌍👶🏼 - mama to carter 25.09.16 / instagram - cerysrihanna
my baby boys 8 weeks old now & when i was pregnant with him i was constantly in and out of hospital (had two operations also) with my kidneys. after having carter (baby boy) he has been tested four times now for jaundice and the last two tests having been the heel pricks they have been full on blood tests as us adults have them and it's been so distressing for him, anyway they've said he has 'prolonged breast milk jaundice' and now have told me we need to go see a speaclist consultant next week because they think he has a problem with his liver as ALP & ALT & also his bilirubin levels are a lot higher than they should be. has anyone else been in this situation at all? i've read up so much about it all & it's getting me so down, i hate constantly putting him through these tests and what not - just want him to be well as he's such a happy little boy. would really love some advice if anyone has any. thank you xx