Apparently I'm the worst person ever.



My MIL bought us a used car seat from a yard sale sometime in July, mind you I was only 15-16 weeks and didn't have anything really, and told us that we needed to quit being lazy and get stuff for baby. It's our third and we know what we need/want and also knew we had time to get these items.

Fast forward to a few weeks after buying said carseat and taking cash advance she spent like $200 on random small things for a baby like some bottles, baby wash, and manicure kit. Thank her for the items repeatedly and put them up on the shelf for baby. Mind you she called us lazy again, but we were waiting for the shower to be done to see what we needed to get then.

Turns out I had two baby showers, one my co-workers threw for me (complete surprise) and one my MIL and mom threw together for us. Well my co-workers got us a brand new Super cute car seat and the family baby shower we got a crap ton of clothes, diapers, wipes etc. So now I have this used car seat and this brand spanking new one and to be honest I didn't want the used one.

I am NOT against used items for baby at all our crib is used and about 75% of her clothes are as well but a car seat was literally the only thing I wanted new becuase of my safety concerns. I didn't know the people who she bought it from so I have no idea how it was stored or if it had ever been in an accident. So she stops by and sees both car seats and says "So I guess what I got you was shit huh?" And proceeds to pick up the car seat she bought and throw it out of the house onto the porch yelling about how ungrateful I am. I tried to explain to her about my safety concerns and how we were going to use it like an infant seat at home for a few months and even she could use it like that at her home. She continues to rant saying how she almost went broke buying our lazy asses stuff for the baby and how we must not really care about her.

Things like this have been going on for the past 11 years I've been with her son and finally told her I've had it, that our relationship didn't need to be lovey dovey but the respect had to go both ways and her 'loving me' was so conditional it was crazy, literally has only been nice to me when my husband is not there while I was pregnant, and that she was no longer invited to the delivery. (She might not have gotten to come anyways because she just started her 6th job in the last three months and my inducement is on a friday and it is a factory so they do not care unless your the one having a kid)

Again I become the ungrateful bitch and I knew I spoke before I thought about dis inviting and probably would have gone back but as she is calling me names my husband walks in and sees it unfold. He told he to get the f outta his house and leave. He is an only child and his mom was basically a single mom so I know the bond is strong and sometimes bordering on weird so I almost started crying because after over a decade of this he finally stuck up for me instead of trying to explain what his mom 'meant' She left and I haven't heard from her since but I actually feel bad because this is legitimately her last grandchild being born, step daughter has her tubes tied and this is three and done for us. I'm not going to keep her granddaughter away from her or anything but I'm the one who banned her from the delivery room first. My husband did as well as few days later, I never told him I had he decided on his own. Now I am exactly one week week away from induction and feeling like I'm the worst. She didn't even want to come over and eat Thanksgiving or won't talk to my husband when he is at her house helping his step dad work on a truck. I feel like I've come between a family.