guys night out?

Is it normal for my boyfriend to want to go out EVERY night til 7 am with his friends? He's known them for years, but still. We're in a serious relationship and are talking about settling down in the near future.
He works nights, and usually when he gets off, he heads out to his friends' houses or places of work where they will smoke, play video games and drink til 6 am 7 the latest.
My huge thing is he does this EVERY night and sees nothing wrong with it.
When I ask him to come with me to the gym or to take a walk or cuddle with me in the couch to watch a movie, he gets upset and tells me that he doesn't want to do it, but he has no problem jumping on his game system to play video games with the same friends he spends the majority of his time with or he'll leave to go smoke and drink with them. 
But he'll turn around and tell me I should be happy to have him in my life???