This is serious... Please Read... I need help

Hi Girls!
I want to begin this post with something about me. I am a very normal 28 year old girl married for 2.5 years. Since very first day of my marriage we have been trying to get pregnant. I am on H4 Visa. I can not work legally in this country. I was an independent working girl in India. But I somehow came to terms with it for my husband's career. 
He is a sweet guy. We definitely have normal husband & wife differences. But I have been a constant trouble to him. Initially I did not trust him. Now I do but I say horrible things to him. Trust me girls part of it is hormonal. Since Begining I have observed that I suffer mood swings a day before ovulation & before AF. This has been consistent. But since past 9 months it is severe. I believe part of it is hormonal. But I am badly suffering:
Extreme anger & rage
I abused his family
I abused him
Banged doors & threw chair away
I don't know what to do. I stay alone entire day. Have no job, no child. Only two girl friends who stay in Jersey & I am in Texas. I feel stuck. My marriage is almost on the verge of breaking. Please help me .
It's been exact 43 days . No period & no BFP. I shout like a mad person