what's going on in there?!

So my period is 17 days late. When it was 4 days late I took a pregnancy test at my doctors office with morning urine, came negative. I was also having abdominal pain and I've had an ovarian cyst and cyst rupture 3 months ago so they thought it could be another rupture. They did an ultrasound and they found that they were right. This was maybe like 2 weeks ago? So anyway I noticed today the abdominal pain is still kinda there but only when I cough or pee. I was tested for a UTI and that was negative and my kidneys looked normal. They said my pelvic area had free flowing fluid possibly from the rupture. But like today my boobs are hurting a bit, my acne has been bad and the past 3 days I've had some light nausea/heart burn. I'm wondering if it's from thanksgiving food but still. Any thoughts?? I'd really appreciate it.