husband thinks we need a test

So my hubby and have been ttc for a few months after our miscariage in may today we went out with my inlaws even though I've been sick on thanksgiving I was spotting and yesterday and I have had diarrhea and this morning after I showered I was extremely neauous and started throwing up and dry heaving and have been extra gassy alllllll day so today we are at IHOP (my favorite place) and we are all having random conversation and joking and he turned to look at me and said babe we need to buy a pregnancy test and I looked at him in total shock and his mom was like I knew it I think it's weird because the last time we found I was pregnant he had something similar I'm so scared to get another negative it's so discouraging what should I do test or not???!
UPDATE: tested last Night and this morning both negative so I guess I'll keep trying