dick move

So I'm about to leave the country for a month and I decided to ask my friend if she would want to hang out since she'd be on her thanksgiving break.  So like last week I asked if she'd be in town to try and make plans to hang out. she said she would be busy and wouldn't be able to hang out with friends bc her grandparents would be in town or something. I was kinda confused since we always hung out with her grandparents so I asked "are you sure you have no time this would be the last time to hang out for a long time". And she didn't answer til the next day saying idk what I said, so I repeated myself and she just said idk. And tonight I look at her story and she's hanging out with someone she rooms with in college. And it kinda pisses me off that she'd lie to me and blow me off. I don't know whether I should confront the situation I don't wanna be a bitch about it. But by the same regard I think that's a really shitty way to treat someone you call a friend. 
Does anyone have an opinion/advice?