Humidifier or Heater for Sick Baby?

My baby has been coughing for 5 weeks (bronchiolitis ). (We've called the nurse line once and been to the dr twice. Calling again Monday.) We're running a cool mist humidifier in our room where he sleeps, but it's starting to get cold to the point where the baby is waking up crying. (I'm bundling him more and he hasn't woken for a few nights, but it got even colder tonight and he has woken twice between 8 and 10:30, making me wonder if he's cold again.) We don't have central heat, just a wall unit, so we have to leave the bedroom door open in order to get heat into the room. But leaving the door open causes the humidity to escape. So my question is: for a coughing/chest-congested baby, is it better to have heat in the room or humidity? I have to choose one or the other. I'm not convinced the humidity is helping him anyway, and I'm thinking if he's waking from the cold, then he's not getting the rest he needs to heal. (But I'm also not 100% sure he's waking from the cold, either... šŸ˜•) Thoughts???

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