Early pregnancy symptoms?

Hi lovely ladies! I've been on the TTC train for a year, but I figure only the last four months really count because I had to have surgery on my ovary to remove a dermoid cyst in the summer. Anyway, I've given myself a few rules to help me stay sane during this process: one is that I don't google pregnancy symptoms because that winds me up, and another is that I won't take a pregnancy test unless AF is late (saves me drama and disappointment every month). This cycle has been a little different as my husband and I both had time off work during my fertile window so we BD'd every day plus two days before and two after. I'm not due AF for two more weeks but I'm feeling things! I keep getting sharp cramps in my lower abdomen (especially at night), I've had phantom orgasms during my sleep (so weird yet so wonderful) and I've been burping loads which is weird because I can't usually burp (much to my dismay it usually comes out the other end). Anyway, I guess I'm asking if any of these are legit pregnancy symptoms  and if it's worth me taking a test tomorrow morning? Also, can I just say that I bloody love having this group? I don't post much, but reading your stories and struggles makes me feel like I'm not alone in all of this. It's like a secret sisterhood and it rocks!