Oh NO APP I'm Not Ovulating 🙄

Hey ladies! I'm driving myself crazy right now googling early pregnancy pregnancy symptoms! I just feel pregnant! I know you heard people say that before. My ex boyfriend and I were TTC in October and the last time we tried was November 19th. We broke up so yeah bad news bears BUT now I'm feeling preggers and my period is due today! No sign of it but in crabby and nauseous 😪 and having pain or weird on and off cramping on my sides and abdominal. Now the big deal is on the days he ejaculated in me The "APP" said I wasn't ovulating. But I'm looking back at the video of our last sexual encounter 🤐😈 my cervical mucus or whatever definetly looking like I was super fertile! Anybody out there was ovulating on days the app said you werent or were? 🤔 Say I 😩