he's BISEXUAL !!!

Okay me & my co-worker clicked since my first day working.. I'm not the type to get friendly with anyone right away but he was sooo different lol I'm from Miami and he's from New York and plus he's Jamiacian so of course he has a accent. Mind you, he's like 6'4 and kind of between skinny and built. I always find him so cute and weird lol but long story short... we've got real close with each other and I guess he feels very comfortable around me and one day we was joking about something and he comes out "I sucked more cock than you" and it hit me by surprise but then again it all explains the way he acts lol he told me he's bisexual .. he been gay since he was 15 and his ex girlfriend was a adult film maker and they would have orgys together with different men .. ever since that day I kind of got a weird vibe with him because I know he likes me but i don't seem myself doing or being with somebody who sucked or fucked a man .. even though I'm bisexual also..