Do I have a lawsuit against them?

This is really hard to write, so bare with me. 
Today at around 9:40 am, I went into labor at 24 weeks. We were rushing to the hospital which is 40 minutes away. At 10:06 am, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. My husband pulled over, called 911 screaming because she was out and barely breathing. They instructed him to give CPR and all that. She was still attached to the placenta, so she was still getting oxygen and nutrients. She was breathing. The cops showed up, then the ambulance. 
This is where it got bad. They get out of the ambulance, and walk slowly to the car. No rush at all. The cops were actually telling them to hurry. Then they finally got me and the baby into the ambulance. They never looked at the baby. Never touched her, never checked for a heartbeat, never tried to save her. She was breathing and they didnt try. Then they cut the cord almost immediately after getting in. That's when she took her last breath. They cut it which cut off everything that was keeping her alive. She could have survived. They were also joking and laughing with eachother and one of them was sitting there on his phone the entire time.
We were at a hospital equipped to save a baby before 24 weeks. However, they called the hospital from the ambulance and told them that the baby had no vitals and was not alive. Therefore, they didn't try. They already declared her dead. We got to the hospital and again, no rush. I was bleeding out, my blood pressure was extremely low, I was holding my lifeless baby and they were casually walking into the hospital. They then did not know where to take me, first they took me to the general surgery area, then to the labor and delivery floor, where they stopped in the middle of the hallways debating on which door to go through because they didn't know. When I finally got a room they took the baby and told the doctors that they tried to stabilize me and that the baby wasn't alive and told them when the baby had passed. 
I feel like because of them, she had no chance. She was breathing and they didn't even glance at her. Even the cop that showed up was giving her CPR and trying to keep her breathing. Yet they did nothing, didn't even check to see if she was alive. My question is, is this grounds for a lawsuit or anything? I want something to happen. Nothing with bring my baby back but if they would have tried, she could have survived. They should have never cut her cord when it was keeping her alive. They should have done something, anything.