Keeping baby girl safe from potential predators

Sheva • Baby on Board! #inlovewithher #momanddadarewalkingzombies #learninghowtoSLEEPWHENBABYISSLEEPING
Anyone else uncomfortable with male friends of your husband or partner, who you don't really know well, watching your baby girl get a diaper change?  That happened on Thanksgiving holiday without my knowledge. My hubby was innocently being the host and invited his friend up to the nursery while he changed her. He was probably just being hospitable by not leaving friend downstairs alone or maybe even just sharing his proud daddy skills. The second time he changed her diaper, he invited friend up again. That time I realized what he had done and stopped him in the act. I may have made friend uncomfortable, and even surprised hubby when I escorted the guy out of the nursery, but I couldn't deny my motherly instincts.  His friend proceeded to reassure me that he looked the other way and that he doesn't look at kids privates, etc. I told my husband that if his friend felt the need to look away, then that reveals he knew it was not appropriate to be witnessing that in the first place.   Since we are first time parents, we are learning along the way how to raise our baby and how to keep her safe. Now I think dad and I are on the same page re: being way more selective of who sees our girl's privates. So, what seemed like an obvious "don't do" to me, was not so obvious to hubby. I wasn't accusing his friend of being a pervert, but why even make our baby girl accessible for any possibility of a pervert to cross her path?