Ok. So me and my boyfriend have been going out for 3 years....a few months ago he cheated on me with my brothers girlfriend......but we got through it and we're back together after a week of being split up. 
When we first got back together it was amazing and he showed he cared. But recently, he's been acting distant, like this weekend I stayed over at his & he barely looked at me, all we did was play separate games & barely even talk...I brought it up but all he said was 'nothing's changed' 
So last night I asked him 'are you in love with me? Why are you even with me?' 
Because I was feeling low and needed the reassurance that he still cared. 
BUT. He just ignored my messages after reading them, I waited half an hour before adding a sad which he replied 'sup baba?' Like he'd not just ignored my question. 
So I asked him again and waiting another 45 minutes before I got mad and told him 'look, you can't even answer the question. Clearly you don't want to be with me.'
To which he got mad at me and used the excuse he was 'talking to his dad' 
By this point I was so upset that he can just sit there and ignore my feelings. 
So I asked him one last time why he's with me and he ignored it once again. 
So to prove a point I messaged this guy that I know likes me asking him why he likes me...and he messaged back with such sweet things like I make him so happy and his days better when he's feeling down ect... then I screen shot it and sent it to my boyfriend just to prove a point that it's not hard just to answer....
All he had to say about it was 'fine break up and go with him' then continued to ignore me. 
I tried to apologise but he just got madder. But anyway since last night he has ignored my texts and calls....but I'm not in the wrong? 
What should I do?