is this early labor?

Ashley Lynn
I've been having period type cramps and a lower back ache off and on since Friday night. I for sure lost my mucus plug Sunday morning. 
I also nested like crazy yesterday. Today my entire body just feels off. Run down almost. The back ache is worse with some cramping that's down low, almost feels like it's in my hips and thighs. Ive been having contractions all day, they are pretty far apart, and definitely seems to be getting stronger. I pooped a lot yesterday, but have had the runs today. Like I could have almost crapped myself. Im pretty nauseous and just lost my appetite. 
Baby isn't moving as much as normal, but she's still wiggling around. The pressure in my vagina and butt area is pretty strong, especially during contractions. Ugh. I may take a nap since I didn't sleep wel last night.