May not be allowed on here but just a worried momma!

My son just turned two & I'm beginning to wonder if he is showing signs of autism..
I never noticed the red flags until this past weekend we went to see the lights and in the little village part there was a lot of people and he had a meltdown he looked all over beside him up down grabbed my hand and started shaking and screeching!! He hit the ground and cried I immedietly picked him up and took him to a place where he could have some time to relax and I tried to calm him as best as I could..
This really concerned me! So I started to research autism.
After tons of videos articles and everything I'm a bit concerned things I thought were cute and funny before could've been me over looking autistic behavior. 
For instance hand flapping when he gets mad or excited he starts flapping his hands or clapping super fast and making noises and laughing really loud ( please note that he's two and not talking very much he repeats little things like heeeeyy!! And BYEEE!! And he knows some people's names ( mama, dada, papaw, mamaw, GG, Nic, nanny, and josh mainly ) the rest of the names kind of sound alike in a way like they're just nooses of him trying to say the name but it comes out as just a sound. If that makes sense.
He also doesn't respond to his name a lot of time ( 90% of the time.. ) it's like he's so focused or destructed by something that he can't hear anything else. I thought he was perfectly fine that these things were just him being a kid but now I'm not sure..
Some more things are wheel spinning, lining up toys, when he wants something he pulls you by the hand and either points to it or goes uh uh, whenever he is sleepy he has to have hair to play with usually mine!!!! I ended up giving him a baby doll so he could play with its hair he would pull mine out or pull his out, he doesn't say many words but does imitate sounds like VOOM VOOM for a car, he has random outbursts usually in public where he just SCREAMS TO THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS!! I'm really worried and my family says that it is " bull you know what to believe he could have autism that he is perfectly fine " my aunt actually held him knowing he couldn't talk and refused to let him go until he said her name which didn't fly.. He was getting mad and I knew when he got mad he would start hitting and head butting ( he head butts literally everything especially when he's mad ) or he throws things. I always thought it was the " terrible twos " I am making him a doctors appointment tomorrow to get started on finding everything out and getting him help he needs if he needs it. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever experienced this and if it could possibly be autism. 
If this isn't allowed please delete.. & please don't judge or ask how I ignored the symptoms or whatever I have never been around autistic children so I really didn't know very much. Thank y'all!! ❤️
Let me add that my son has an eye that droops from time to time and his eye doctor called it a big long word I can't remember. We go next week to a pediatric eye doctor because he has to have glasses and the regular eye doctor couldn't get a good reading on the prescription he needed.