what do I do???

This really has nothing to do with this app but I need to vent, its long so forgive me. It started with someone hacking my disabled fb account after thinking it was solved someone ( last night ) started posting my pictures on escort websites attaching my husband phone number ( he had to change it last night) and now tonight I find out they are posting as me on my account saying things like " I need a shot of vodka " ( I'm a recovering addict clean over a year ) " fuck this I don't want to be a mom" ( reguarding my 3 year old who I'm in a custody battle with ) and many more things I don't know about. I have no way to access this account as I no longer have the information nor can I get screen shots because it's set to private ( making another account is not a option ) and I'm at a loss at this point, I don't know what to do or where to go from here, I don't know who would be doing this to me I have the phone number of the person but from my research it's just a online number with no attached name. If anyone has any advice please help! 
UPDATE: after a lot of headaches I was finally able to get my Facebook back, and permanently delete it, and come to find out it was my daughters dad and stepmom. The idiot registered his phone number & her email and deleted all my emails and phone numbers. But they posted some pretty disturbing things. " I don't want to be a wife mother or anything anymore, I just want to worry about me and do what I want when I want" it may not seem bad to y'all but after 6 different court dates ( custody ) and fighting for my marriage everyday, it's horrible. But honestly I'm so damn mad I can't see straight, what would y'all do?