Loud music concert.. 150,000 watts of bass

Okay in March my favorite Dj Excision is coming to our town. I will be 30 weeks pregnant! The only thing is that everyone is tell me is that I shouldn't go because the bass is going to be to loud. He brings 150,000 watts of bass for about 2.5hrs.. I have seen him multiple times wearing earplugs and standing about 50 to 60 ft back from the speakers. Yes the vibrations are crazy to the point of feeling it in ur chest but its amazing. I have read that it won't hurt the baby's ears due to the amino fluids, fat, etc muffling the sound. But some have said that it will would and could cause stress on the baby causing me to go into labor. I find this hard to believe. I feel that the baby might fall asleep due all the vibrations. Any thoughts?????