Active labor !!! 40+3 days !

Just keeping myself occupied before things get too intense.  Yesterday I had my bloody show early in the morning after waking up to a few contractions.  Had irregular contractions since.  This morning woke up to another bloody show and started having irregular contractions again I want to say around 12pm ish.  They became regular and timable around 9:45pm.  I've followed my midwife's instructions to try to rest and take two Tylenols and see if the pain goes away.  I've had two false labors in the last two weeks ! These are definitely stronger and nothing like what I've experienced.  I've been spotting throughout contractions since 10pm.  They've been pretty intense since 12am.  I will be having a home birth so I have yet to contact the midwife only because I want to avoid a false labor again 😑 although I strongly doubt it will be this time!  Will keep everyone posted !  Any other moms who think they might be in labor ? We can be labor buddies !