I need clarity and other people's thoughts help.


Sooo. I plan on going to the doctor but my next day off isn't until next Thursday and I will go nuts before then. I have to talk it out. I apologize now for the novel.

My fwb and I have been exclusive for 3 months, and we currently aren't using anything besides withdrawal. I already know what you're thinking, and I totally agree... The week of thanksgiving I felt like I was ovulating, but since I'm six months off bc in 12 years, I don't have it pinpointed 100%. After updating some past cycles, glow predicted that the week of the holiday was my fertile window. Yay.

I hadn't had af since my October cycle, and I took a test early November just to be sure. Bfn. I felt fine, and had no worries.

Wellll. The night before Thanksgiving rolled around and my guy had the house to himself so we took the opportunity to really let go. Long story short, despite insane pullout game, he surprised himself and I felt him cum before he could get out all the way. He didn't say anything, but it definitely happened. By Sunday I was sick with a sinus infection and went in asap to get some antibiotics for it. By Wednesday, I was not feeling right- random cramping, sore breasts, wide variation in cm, lost of indigestion/nausea, exhausted. Most of these I chalked up to the cold, because they just screw everything up. The cramps, cm, and soreness bugged me though. I was due for af according to Glow on the 26th. Still no sign. I've been extra irritable the last few days and now when I get cramps, I get really stretchy CM, but it isn't continuous. I'll go from dry all morning to soaked all night. Or soaked with watery cm, and bam! Dry. I took a test this morning and it was negative. I'm just so confused as to what's happening and I need to clear my head. Please take my poll :(

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