don't know what the fuck I'm doing with my life!

Hi girls, I'm very confused at this point of my life and I need some guidance... I'm 26 years old and freshly graduated for my degree. I'm currently in a long distance relationship since 2 years, and we see each other every 3 months , and stay together for about 5 months, then I return to my country ( he lives in Us, right now in living in Mexico). The point here is I don't see clarity in my relationship, I'm since I'm traveling a lot to see my boyfriend, I can't start to work on a company because I'm moving from there to here a lot.... I don't know what to do with my life, if I should keep with my boyfriend or should I break up for starting a working life.. I don't see he wants to get married soon, so I don't know if I should keep wasting my time traveling too far and staying over there too many months without working... Only home staying (since I'm tourist over there)  What should I do?