11/30/16 the love of my life made his way into the world

7 days later
On 11/29/16 my water broke around 7pm. My son was already fighting for his life and I didn't even know. By the time I got into the hospital and was about to receive IV pain meds we lost his HR on the fetal monitor. 5 nurses and one doctor rushed into the room. They hooked me up to oxygen and threw me on all 4s. They inserted an internal fetal monitor and his HR was just starting to climb back up. Through the next 8-9 hours of labor every 30 mins - 1 hour his heart rate would tank and more nurses would rush in and we'd start the routine all over again. They were prepping me for a c-section when I finally hit 10 centimeters. We pushed for about 45 mins and that's when my prince came out. Poop all over him and the cord wrapped tightly around his neck. I still had my vaginal birth and my son not even a day old showed me he was a fighter and the world better watch out. My birth story is my happy ending. I love motherhood and my son more than I thought possible.