Rant: girls who boast they don't need maternity clothes

What's with all these people on here who reply to questions about maternity clothing with "I just wear my yoga pants lol" or "I wear sweatpants and pajamas only because I stay at home"?
When someone is posting to ask for maternity clothing advice, they probably don't get to just stay at home in loungewear and are beyond fitting in their regular wardrobe. The whole point of the post is to ask the community for advice, not snarky input about how you still fit in your workout clothing! It's not like your comment is helpful and I will think "oh great let me just squeeze into some yoga pants or sweatpants for work too then at 34 weeks!"
I feel like there's an element of boasting when you post a useless comment like that with no helpful information. This is a community of sharing, not a competition.
I'm done, end of rant.