she told me to get an abortion😳

Kayley • 23 years old, I have a little boy who’s 4 and I’m TTC my second baby!! 👶🏻
Here is an insight of what's happened, my partner adopted a dog before met, I'd been with my partner for 3 years before we fell pregnant. Our dog was aggressive and unpredictable, so once I fell pregnant we had to make the best choice for our family and rehome our dog, as he was too risky to have around children. Well it's been 5 months since we gave our dog up, this woman just came out of nowhere on social media telling me that if we already had a dog that was aggressive then we shouldn't have kids if that was going to result in giving up the dog. This woman doesn't understand that my pregnancy was not planned I was on birth control and of course my child comes first. She told me that if the pregnancy was not planned that I could have got an abortion or put my baby up for adoption, because she said that dogs and children are equal😐 is this woman crazy? How dare she tell me to abort my baby, we done what was best for our family and now she's making me feel terrible about it, what if our dog had bitten my baby, how would I forgive myself? Please tell me I'm in the right here and this woman is ludacris😐