Girls, please HELP.... pregnancy scare

So I'm not sure if I'm being paranoid or pregnant.  So I've been having sex for the last month with a guy I'm dating and when we had sex 3 weeks ago I took the plan B pill because we thought it would be fine if he went in raw for a bit. Then we both came to our sense and quickly went and got the pill. After I took the pill I had a period basically (it lasted 4 days) and some spotting. So I'm not sure if the pill induced my period to come that early.
Lately I noticed my boob are larger and thought it's just Cianna Be my period is on the way but I'm not sure. Any who we have been having sex every week and the last time we did was on sunday night and it's Wednesday and my boob look a bit bigger and a little tender.... 
HELP I DONT KNOW WHAYS GOING ON I really hope I'm sinking myself out.