Parents are STILL trying to get me to terminate my pregnancy!

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Hey guys so I just wanted to share a little about my situation because I'm sure there's plenty of women out there in a similar situation....

My boyfriend of almost 3 years now and I are expecting our 1st baby! We're absolutely thrilled since I was never sure if I was able to have kids...previously in high school there had been times I felt I should have gotten pregnant and didnt. It must have been a miracle the knowing my life wasn't in order yet to have a baby. No way would I have been ready then and it wouldn't have been with the right person.

I'm (almost) 23 currently 6weeks and 4days along...Couldn't speed this process up fast enough....I'm so excited!!! (We both are really)...I've had my first ultrasound and heard the first heartbeat at 5weeks way could I ever let my miracle go. Even having this baby I'm nervous about a miscarriage or other complications....I just am praying for a healthy baby.

Well, about a week ago now I told my parents I was pregnant.. and instantly they started pressuring me to terminate my pregnancy. Made me meet with them alone to tell me I am ruining my life. They have written long emails and texts to myself and my boyfriend stating all the reasons why were "losers" and aren't ready for a baby. Some are honest concerns which yes, some things we do need to still figure out as in a new area to live and if we're going to do daycare or if just my boyfriend will work. But I'm in my 1st trimester and we are in this 200% and are talking about everything we need. We really do want the best for this child. We're willing to do whatever it takes to raise this child well together with unconditional love and affection.

Even after telling my parents our plan and that we are really planning on keeping this child, they wrote back again how I'm throwing my life away....they had plenty of dreams for me that I didn't have for myself.

A little insight: my mom was unable to bear children as I am adopted, so I really feel part of her reaction and response is out of envy because I'm young and wasnt trying for years to have kids. She has always been very judgemental towards my sister and I and we never gotten along very well.

I knew telling my parents was going to be difficult because I've only gotten through 3 years of school and found it wasn't going the way I had hoped so I started working fulltime. My boyfriend is graduating this next semester with and Industrial engineering degree. We're not complete losers....I'm not sure how to proceed with my parents...all it's been is problem after problem and I honestly don't know if I want them a part of this beautiful part of life.

My boyfriends parents on the other hand are thrilled and even though they know it's going to be difficult for us they're not trying to persuade us one way or another they are there for suppprt. It's tough to see his family react one way and my own a completely different and negative way.

I guess all in all. I just want women out there older or younger who are in a similar situation that you're not alone. I know I've felt pretty empty and alone this past week knowing my own parents hate the decision I have made with my boyfriend. I really fear they will not show my child the love and affection they deserve being my family. No matter how alone or sad you feel people all around you will support you. I've found lots of help in this app and the few friends I have around me. Be strong mommas, don't let anyone tell you you can't, because you can!