guests, csection, & social media

I'm due with baby #2 in April.  Csection should be at 39 weeks (April 4th) I'm already dreading the drama in the waiting room, after the csection, and then social media.  At DD birth my inlaws started a lot of drama (that's a whole other story). Husband and I have agreed no visitors afterwards besides (my parents and our DD.  At the recent birth of my niece, my brother in law & Sister in law requested no one to post about the birth until they announced and they got home (for safety reasons since no one would be at their home for a few days) my FIL posted 3 minutes after we saw the baby in the window (despite being told not to)
Background:  yes it may sound like he is an excited grandparent.  The baby is 5 weeks and he has yet to see her again since we saw her through the window.  The inlaws do not keep any of their grandchildren bc of abuse and disrespect.  It is a very horrible situation and continues to get worse.  
My question is how can I deal with these issue before hand to maybe stop it before it happens.  I mean normally I will flat out tell and control the situation (if it has to do with my kids/husband) but I'm not sure how to handle it this time.  Nothing seems to work.  We know the no visitation thing won't go over.  It was horrible last time.  FIL came in demanding to hold the baby first (before I had even held her) said he didn't want my parents to have the opportunity to hold her before him, and that since my husband (his son) is such a piece of s*** and couldn't finish up the job the night before (they work together in a family business) that he had to go deal with it.  This was all after I had a csection and was waiting for my baby.  
I don't want anything put on social media either for safety reasons and plus I want to announce the birth of our child
We aren't wanting to not invite them but wanting to lay the ground rules ahead of time. Any advice?