Hey guys! I was hesitant on posting on here bc I'm a private person lol but I found myself gaining weight when I hit puberty I guess I'm not exactly sure it just happened, I just remember that I use to be really fit and energetic now I am overweight, unhappy, and I never seem to have energy to workout. I'm not a lazy person bc my mind thinks about these things continuously but it's like I'm so ashamed of my body that I'm not comfortable in public so I don't like to go to gyms bc I just feel like I'm being watched and laughed at. I want to lose weight sooo bad I want to get my confidence back , I want to be a normal person who doesn't give a fck about what anyone says but I take very difficult. I think about my weight and working out 24/7 but I just can't get my body to cooperate. 
Has anyone felt like this before? If so, what helped you ??