AF is playing games with me!!

Rachel • Married. Self Employed. TTC baby #1 for 5 years 👶🏼
any month that i don't feel any different, no symptoms at all, my AF matches with the expected date on here PERFECTLY! but WHEN I THINK I COULD BE PREGNANT, my period comes like 2 days before my expected date. i was 99% sure i was pregnant this month. sore breasts (that i swore had gotten bigger) what looked like implantation bleeding, naseaus ALL DAY EVERYDAY, back ache, & a constant cramp on my left side. was so excited that i ordered my hubby's annoucement gift that i was going to give to him on christmas. it's supposed to arrive today & of course my period came earlier than expected, about 2 days AFTER i ordered the damn gift.  i'm so tired of this waiting game. i just want to concieve already. maybe i'll have better luck in 2017. until then i have to hide his gift until i test positive. 😭😭 thanks for letting me rant.