Michelle • 33 year old from Australia , currently pregnant with baby #4 a boy..miss 7 mr 5 miss 1 and prince due 26/01/17

Updated post from this morning !

So I had my ctg everything was showing good , had my scan and that is we're us Mumma's know something  isn't right , so they go by 5 points .

Fluid was fine 

Heart was good, they look for two types of movement , he reached for his face and moved his leg so wasn't a lot but is good , that shows them the placenta  was working well , the 2nd movements they look for are boxing moves so moving head back and forth punching legs and arms  hence the boxing name .he failed that then breathing , they need to breath a certain amount of times in 30 secs throughout the 30 min timeframe , he failed that. So they contacted sunshine as they are more specialised in special care , they were told to start steroid shots ASAP so got my first at 8pm so have to have another at 8am and redo ctg and another scan for the breathing and boxing moving , if they find the same I go straight to sunshine and they will once again use there equipment compare and by the looks of it ill be induced Thursday at 35 +1 if it's not as bad the most likely keep me in till 36 and induce that day , but the movements is what they are worried about . So looks like I'll be having a prem . Sorry if spelling is. Ad I'm crying and have Been mist the evening .