Fiance or Wrong Choice?

Hey girlies, so my fiance and I have been together for almost 2 years now. We got engaged a year ago, and last december we had a pregnancy scare but ut wasn't a scare, it was unexpected but we were both happy. It ended up being a false alarm, but I was devestated over it. Since then we have moved on but recently I have been upset. We are both busy and we don't get alot of time together anymore; and this was a huge change because we lived together. Recently I have been depressed. I miss him daily and have an apartment of my own. I begged him to come live with me but he won't leave his parents. Its been bothering me alot because I have a good job, an apartment and car and I have been pretty stable but he doesn't want to get on his own two feet. I have the ring but I wanted to get married at 22 and start a family at 23. He used to have the same feelings, but now he claims my engagement ring was more of "just a commitment" than a proposal. I have been all about talks of starting our future, I want to get pregnant and I want this so much but he writes me off when I talk about babies, or marriage, or him moving in, or really anything that has to do with our future at all. I try to talk about it but I get accused of being pushy. Even though I don't want to push him. I feel ridiculed and stupid, I had older male options that would have wanted this same thing with me, but I took chemistry and love at first sight over them when I started dating my fiance. I just feel so lost and upset. I love my boy with all my heart, and I want it to be with him, but how is that possible if he won't hear me out?