how breastfeeding changed my life

I was extremely against it first, I didn't like the thought of a baby on my nipple , the first time I tried I hated it ! I felt absolutely no connection to my baby, after a few weeks we gave it a go again and it worked for us both. I was both bottle feeding and nursing, slowly I started getting rid of the bottle and strictly nursing, I have bonded so much with my baby, we're extremely closer and I've learned to hate formula, I never realized how tough it was on my baby's tummy. I tried formula the other day, it's only fair. If I'm feeding something to my child it has to be good, the taste it just awful , I'm so glad to say she's only feeding off me now. 
Of course no disrespect to formula feeding babies, babies need to be fed , im strictly talking about my experience with my baby's  tummy and how it did not sit right with formula. Other babies are probably different and don't have problems and she did. 
I love being a breastfeeding mother, I've bonded more with her this way than bottles and it's been extremely helpful trying to build a relationship with her this way.