Hurts my heart πŸ’”

Breanna β€’ 1 miscarriage, Due with my rainbow baby February 11thβ™‘β™‘ Wyatt Ethan πŸ’™

I was so excited when I got my bfp. It was finally happening to me. I sat an looked at my tests for hours so ecstatic. I was finally pregnant. Kept testing, all Positive. So I decided it was time to go get a blood test done. Two days past got a call, and it was confirmed I was pregnant.. Awesome, right? My obgyn ordered another one to make sure my levels were going up.. Only to find out that they went down and I was no longer pregnant.. It was like my heart was torn from my chest. Like someone literally ripped my heart out, threw it on the ground and stomped on it.

I never held you in my arms or got to see your beautiful smile, but I will always love you.πŸ’•