masterbation problem destroying our relationship!

So my boyfriend has a masterbation problem. We've been dating almost a year now. And he used to just do it pretty much all day when ever he was alone intell we moved in together he now dose it while I'm off work and almost every time I leave the room he tries to masturbait. We have sex once a week. And I'm just getting tired of how much he's doing it. That and he watches pron and it bugs me and makes me feel like I'm not a good enough person for him or I can't sexually please. He also once said masturbatuon was the only way he was happy. And thy I've made him happy on a few rare occasional times without it.... makes me feel like that is the only thing that makes him happy and it's just tearing me down... should I be up set about this? Or am I taking it to far? I mean I know it's his body and all but I just feel like it's tearing us apart.