I can't anymore

So I have gone to the doctors and she's has suggested Shady Grove. That made me so so so sad. So I started trying to really be on top of ovulation and everything more. I have tested ovulation everyday since my cycle ended and keep getting negatives. I have been taking a prenatal, vitex and evening primrose. We use pressed and baby dance everyday! Nothing is changing. I am getting so upset! I have a pit in my stomach. This is #1 for hubby and I. We wanted a Christmas bfp but that has passed but it's starting to feel like we will never get a bfp!!  Sorry I'm venting and I'm all over the place. I'm just so sad and anxious. What else is there to do?!?!?! I have nothing against shady grove I just wish we didn't need to go. And I don't want to. Am I just broken??