horrible midwife

I just got back from my 32 week check up 
OMG the midwife was bloody horrible kept cutting me off while I was trying to explain things/symptoms,
kept talking over me with "well thats part of being pregnant " I wanted to rip her head off ! She would have done the world quickest baby check, she wrote in my diary baby heart beat was 130 she wasn't even counting we heard it for 5 seconds (no exaggeration) how the hell would she get that figure.  I had to take both my other kids to the appointment because of school holidays no idea if that had something to do with her attitude. 
I have Gestational diabetes which I asked a few questions about eg: my dizziness,wobbly feet etc 
her response was "that doesn't apply to you" 
I Said actually I got diagnosed 2 weeks ago if you would care to read my notes! 
Not a happy camper ATM at all...