Gestational diabetes glucose monitor "kit"

OK so I have gd and the doctors sent over the prescription to get my blood glucose monitor, 400 count test strips, lancets, and ketone strips. The total came to $139 out of pocket. ... I did not get it yet because it was higher than I expected because of the 400 test strips ($99)... like do I really need that much?! Anywho, is that too much, I called my insurance company who does their prescription thru express scripts (crappy) and I keep getting routed overseas and 4 dropped calls. ... wtf... I finally checked it myself online and it didn't seem like it's covered. So I was looking at other "kits" they are way cheaper but only comes with 100 test strips. Do u think $139 is too much? Or is that reasonable. .. this is already an unexpected expense we have to deal with. .. ::sigh::