Driving Test Nerves

Tomorrow morning I will be going to take the driving road test and I am nervous as hell. Any advice? It's not like I am 15 going on 16. I mean, I am 25 year old mother of 2 almost 3 boys (pregnant). When I was 15 my friend got in a terrible car accident and was the only one of 6 killed. It still to this day haunts me. I live where there is snow on the ground, and it's been freezing temperatures so the roads are frozen and icy. I am doing this as a little 'present' for my husband who has wanted me to get my license forever. I'm not telling anyone I am taking it in case I do fail, I just want it so bad. I am not a bad driver by any means, but I have no confidence.... I know I need that tomorrow for my test... sorry I guess I also needed to get it off my chest since I can't tell my husband about it. I hope to be able to show him my papers when I do earn my license! I know he'd be excited for me. 
I am doing it mainly in the event of an emergency. I do drive occasionally, when my husband talks me into it. And I drive my kids around the block to the bus stop since it's so cold outside. I want to be able to drive places when needed.
If you've read this through, thanks. I obviously have no friends lol
I now have my license! I am so excited! Thanks for all the support! I'm not sure how to tell my husband though.