honestly bummed w this app

I was excited to share about my experiences & track my pregnancy along with this community, but I'm getting reeeally tired of all these sour ass comments bringing other ladies down. That defeats the purpose of the app in the first place.
And there is definitely a double standard here ; 
Those who have successfully conceived have to filter their posts as to not trigger any one who is suffering ttc, which I totally understand- I would never ever purposefully post anything to offend anyone who is grieving- BUT there are women on here projecting their frustrations/fears and ugly bitterness alll over the place, just shitting all over someone's happiness. 
Even in the articles section; it's hard to read on how baby's growing healthy without a ton of posts regarding complications/MC's. Again, super sorry for anyone's loss, but I also think there should be a designated forum to share/support and not discourage others.
I don't think I'll continue to use this app anymore due to negativity:positivity ratio. Also keeping this anon since I'll most likely get bashed- which will further prove my point anyway. ✌🏼️