pls pray for us😭🙏🏼

Hi I'm looking for hope on dec 8 I went in to my first dr appointment we thought we were 7 weeks counting from my last period dr did a over the belly ultrasound he confirmed the pregnancy because we were able to see the sac an he said it was where it should be but we didn't see a baby in the ultrasound it said I was just 6 weeks not 7 also he said he could see a white small dot in the middle of the sac he said that might be the baby but its too small so he wants me back in 2 more weeks which it will be this Thursday I'm just praying we get to see our little jelly bean I have two friends that went through the same thing they said it was to early and both are due this January so fingers crossed I'm trying not to stress it just to hard the closer it get to Thursday the worst I get be have been trying for over 3 years so we're hoping and praying for the best outcome 😫😭 right now I'm 7weeks and 4 days and I'm showing a lot we didn't wanted to tell family since we haven't seen no baby but everyone already know in the picture I'm laying down but standing up I look very pregnant please I ask everyone to pls say a prayer for us thank u so much😘