Help lol

Okay so i have no idea if my period is being iregular or what buts this is happening to me. My period always came on the 14th of every month, but it shifted which I have no problem and I got my period the day before Thanksgiving, I had sex with my boyfriend 3 Saturdays ago and it was unprotected but my boyfriend is very careful and he only stroked 10 times and every time he the pre cum built up he would slide out, after that the rest of the week I was good but last week and it started on Saturday I started spotting, it was to the point where I started light bleeding, I light bled all week until yesterday I started medium almost close to heavily bleeding but I have no cramps what's so ever and I know my body, I cramp hella hard like I literally cry cause I'm such a pussy lol. But anyway I don't think I'm pregnant but I'm still scared and hopefully I'm just irregular bleeding, so my question is, has anyone been through the same thing or is going through the same thing anyone help please??