Put in such a terrible position

So a little background. I moved from the east coast to the west coast for college. When I moved I lived with my uncle and his family. His sons and daughter are all around my age and I was super close with the daughter. We went to the same college and took some classes together. We were pretty inseparable. So the second year of college I start dating my now husband. My cousin is pissed because she says I'm spending too much time with him (she's single) and not with her so I worked hard to split time equally. That didn't work either. She demanded I break up with him again and when i refused she went to her mom and made up really horrible untrue lies about him and pressed the issue so much so that my aunt forbid me from seeing him too. I was 21 at this point and  2 years into the relationship may I add. At this point he had already proposed so I refused to stop seeing him and moved in with him. My aunt and uncle came around a few months later and would call and ask how we were doing. They even came to our wedding (my female cousin refused). So now we have been together 7 years and married for 4. We have two kids and I'm on great terms with them again. We just had a new baby so we're not planning to fly cross country this year to see my immediate family so my aunt and uncle invited my to their Christmas <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android.eve">eve</a> party. I accept and two days later get a call from my female cousin telling me that me and my kids are invited but my husband is not. She also stated that if I don't come because he's not invited she's done with me because I've chosen him over her for the last time. Like she's still this bitter 7 years later. The kicker is she has absolutely no logical reason for hating him. He has always been so nice to her she's just so jealous. Anyways I told her if that was the case that we would not be attending because we're a package deal and either the whole family comes or none at all. So now she says she's "done with me". Am I wrong? I don't feel like I am and I refuse to let her ruin my Christmas but I just want other opinions. What would you ladies have done?